Éthiquable Buys Northwest Tunisia Essential Oils

For over a year, Wiki PAM has been collaborating with the French company Éthiquable. Founded in 2003, this business sells organic and fair trade certified products, mainly food, such as chocolate, coffee, tea, among others.
Ethiquable logo
As a cooperative and participative company (SCOP in French), Éthiquable aims to help its partner producers to develop their activities, and to become more independent. For example, when a cooperative has the required criteria for organic production but lacks the financial means to acquire certification, Éthiquable can help. This was the case for the Ain Babouch cooperative in Tejerouine, in the governorate of El Kef, in Tunisia. Headed by Lamia Charni, this cooperative makes essential oils, floral waters, and dried herbs of high quality, and already certified organic by the Italian certifying body CCPB.
Bottling of floral water by an Ain Babouch artisan, in Tejerouine
Bottling of floral water by an Ain Babouch artisan, in Tejerouine 
In order to distribute their Tunisian essential oils in Europe with Éthiquable, Ain Babouch had to obtain SPP fair-trade certification. The cooperative lacked necessary funds for this costly endeavor, and Éthiquable and ACEA worked together to finance it. For fair-trade certifications, Éthiquable works with a certifying body called SPP (Symbole des Producteurs Paysans in the original French, meaning the Symbol for Farming Producers), which ensures a minimum buying price above market price. This buying price considers not only the quality of the product, but also its cost of production, to guarantee fair remuneration to the producers.
Paysan Producteurs
This is a great opportunity for our artisans in El Kef, who secured not only a sales contract and a certification that can raise their products’ prices, but also advice and tips to optimize their businesses. Indeed, Éthiquable analyzed Ain Babouch’s production processes, to then offer them solutions to make production more efficient. By doing this, the artisans managed to increase their essential oil yields, while keeping the same number of employees on the same premises. Ain Babouch’s organic thyme and rosemary essential oils will be available at Éthiquable retailers in the coming months, and this represents these artisans’ first export contract. Congratulations Ain Babouch and Éthiquable, for this successful collaboration! Thanks to this success, other Wiki PAM cooperatives will also be able to export their products. Indeed, on top of the precious tools acquired with this participative company, ACEA has also contracted consulting firms (like TERO for example) to help the cooperatives improve their capacities and governance. This is a great perspective for Wiki PAM and its artisans.